Updated: 2/13/14

It can be easy to get lost in the modern-day college hoops world with dozens of games being played each night, many of them broadcast on outlets you barely know exist. Ever kick yourself for watching a dud of a game on a four-letter network only to find out the next morning that you missed a thriller on a three-letter or even a two-letter network? Well, kick no more, because FanMatch is here! What is FanMatch you ask?

FanMatch was developed by trained engineers with Ph.D.’s in psychology who understand the 23 natural factors that enhance a fan’s viewing experience. The staff at FanMatch is constantly looking for games over the next three days that you will enjoy. It evaluates each of these 23 factors independently for every game on the upcoming schedule, and combined with the personal information and cookies stored on your computer, determines just how likely you are to enjoy an evening with each one. Once a match is selected for you, FanMatch engineers then contact the coaches and game officials scheduled to work the selected game to ensure that the action is maximized for your entertainment. This means no more wasted evenings spent with a lower-tier SEC contest! You can’t lose with FanMatch!!

Actually, the games are rated for competitiveness and level of play with a lean towards higher-scoring games without using any cookies. Because that’s what I like to see, and basically, everybody likes what I like. And I don’t tell you what network each game is on. You have to do a little work to figure out how to see the game. But once you do, you’re almost guaranteed* to enjoy your viewing experience!

Additional information on the FanMatch page includes the predicted score of the game followed by the favored team’s chance of winning.

*Thrill ScoreTM is given to the right of the game. No, I will not reveal the exact formula for ThrillScoreTM.