Updated 2/22/2013

I get many e-mails. While I read each one that crosses my desk, I am not able to respond to all of them. Actually, I am able to, but in some cases it’s better for the both of us if I didn’t, since it would take away from doing other things that may serve humanity better. If you want to increase your odds of getting a response, proper salutations and punctuation help, especially if we do not have a previous relationship.

There’s also a sweet spot in terms of length. E-mails of 1500 words describing your philosophy on every matter pertaining to offensive rebounding are unlikely to get a response. With messages of such length, it is time consuming to thoughtfully respond to each of your points, yet it would also be rude to respond with “I agree!” to such a long message.

On the other end, messages such as “are u insane?” or “do u predict totals?” are not likely to get a response, either.

After reading that, if you still feel like I am the type of fellow you want to correspond with, I am reachable by e-mail at [email protected].

Obviously, if you have a question about your subscription or are having issues logging in, I will do my best to respond promptly.

For media folks: I am more than willing to do interviews or help you with a story, but I have a day job which occasionally does not permit me to chat with someone at a moment’s notice. We can usually work something out if you can be flexible.