Because my readership currently is at the same levels as last February and March, I feel compelled to post more often, and not just wait until something interesting pops into my head. I’m going to remove some of the filtering that occurs between my head and cyberspace. Since people are taking the time to stop here on a regular basis, I should post more than the usual once or twice a week. Warning: This will often result in some stupid things in this spot, but I will really try to refrain from the cliches.

There’s a lot of stuff that floats around in my head, and some of it even relates to college hoops. But most of it turns out to be unworthy of posting. And I’m not going to simply recap the big game. I’d like to keep things here unique. For instance, there was the time I thought that teams that turn the ball over more end up shooting better. Because some turnovers are the result of getting a better shot, and the teams that are most persistent at getting a better shot will make a higher percentage but in the process will commit more turnovers. It turned out I was right, but the trend wasn’t impressive enough for me to make a whole post on. Although I suppose I have pretty much done that here.

My real topic for today is this question: How can Missouri’s Linas Kleiza not lead the Big XII in rebounding this season? He’s a great rebounder to begin with – and he’s a great offensive rebounder on a poor shooting team. With Arthur Johnson’s departure, he’s by far the best rebounder on his team. Kleiza has 23 boards in the Mizzou’s first two games. The only guy who can catch him, assuming Kleiza stays healthy, is probably Kansas’ Wayne Simien who is the conference’s leading rebounder that returns this season. He averaged 9.3 boards per game last year. Kleiza won’t keep up an 11.5 rpg pace – the national leader last season had 12.3 – but Kleiza could very well stay above double digits by season’s end.