One of the oft-asked and often irrelevant questions about the NCAA field is regarding the number one seeds. Duke, Stanford, and Saint Joe’s are all assumed to be guaranteed this honor, but who will get that final top seed?

It won’t be Gonzaga. They have no wins against the RPI top 25. The last thing the committee ever wants to do is reward a team with a weak schedule – not that it’s the ‘Zags fault. Already, #1s are going out to the best teams in the 7th (A-10) and 8th (Pac-10) best conferences. They can’t give one out to the champion of the 12th (WCC) best conference also.

That last #1 is probably going to go the winner of the SEC tourney, assuming it is Mississippi State or Kentucky. MSU is unbeaten on the road – only Stanford and Saint Joe’s can share that claim. UK has 9 top 50 wins, topped only by Duke’s 10. But it’s a risky assumption to think one of them will get the SEC title. Should both teams stumble, Pitt, UConn, and Oklahoma State would be in line to be #1, for whatever it’s worth. Which is nothing really.