The ACC is at the end of its golden age this year. This is the last year that all members will play each other twice. Fans can savor this last year of double round-robin play because 4 teams have a claim to be among the top 10 in America. Duke, UNC, Georgia Tech, and Wake Forest will most likely finish 1-4 in the ACC in some order. But in the process of beating each other up, they won’t all stay in the top 10.

Once a week – and sometimes twice – for the rest of the year one of these teams will play another, providing a potential insant classic. One of these 12 matchups has already occurred: December 20th, 2003. Wake Forest 119, North Carolina 114, triple overtime. It was the game of the year so far, but it may not hold up. Next up on Sunday, it will be Georgia Tech at UNC.