There are a couple of questions I have after the long weekend.

Question #1) When did Arizona morph into Temple?

I was expecting the Arizona/Wake Forest game to be played in the 90s, but instead it was an ugly 63-60 win for the Deacs. Arizona has proven that they are a lot more responsible on the defensive end this year. Once they figure out how Ivan Radenovic can contribute on offense, I think you can make the Cats the favorite to win the Pac-10 despite what appears to be a continuation of lackluster play from last season. The thing is, this team is showing a totally different personality. Whether it’s for the better remains to be seen, but I think Arizona fans should be heartened that this is not the same team, even though it hasn’t resulted in improvement so far. These guys showed they could score last season and I expect to see them do it again.

If Radenovic and Mustafa Shakur continue to engage in bricklaying contests, Washington is more than willing to emerge as the premier team in the conference. The Huskies wrapped up a three game sweep of the Great Alaska shootout on Saturday. The 5′-8" Nate Robinson logged 110 out of a possible 120 minutes in the games played on consecutive nights against teams with great defensive reputations (Utah, Oklahoma, and Alabama). His aggregate line was this: 64 points, 23-39(.590) shooting, 8-14(.571) 3-point shooting, 15 assists, 6 turnovers, and oh yeah, 2 blocked shots.

Question #2) Who knew that the best hoops team from all of the Texas A&M campuses would be the one residing in Corpus Christi?

TAMU-CC finished the tradition-rich Corpus Christi Caller-Times Challenge with a 3-1 record. Hey, the Challenge is the most prestigious of all the pre-arranged six-team four-game exempt tournaments that doesn’t declare a champion. Anyway, the Islanders beat Florida State, TCU, and Old Dominion in consecutive games to close out the event. There’s no truth to the rumors that hockey-starved Ranger fans were chanting "Potvin sucks" as the event came to a close.

From now on, the Texas A&M main campus shall be referred to as TAMU-College Station in all future posts. Speaking of TAMU-CS, how must the administration there feel knowing that their program, with all the advantages of being in the Big XII and having a brand new arena, has sunk below a school without conference affiliation that has been D1 for all of six years?