Yesterday, I brazenly asked for writing ideas. There were many good ideas but most of you overestimated what I could do in an afternoon. So what follows is not based on any single suggestion but your ideas got me thinking.

According to Wikipedia, Vanderbilt, UNLV, and Princeton have made at least one 3-pointer in every game they have played since the rule was adopted. This is one of the most boring records in sports. There is just a tiny chance that each team’s streak ends when it plays and it’s gotten to the point where the record isn’t even brought up much anymore.

But what about other 3-point streaks? It takes a little effort to make at least two 3-pointers in a game. The team that has the longest active streak of doing that isn’t Vanderbilt, UNLV, or Princeton. It’s Belmont who has the honor, having made at least two 3-pointers in every game since at least the 2002 season. I can’t go back farther without doing a lot more research, but I don’t need to since no other school has a streak that goes back that far.

The last time Belmont didn’t make at least three 3-pointers was November 29, 2004 when the Bruins went 2-for-17 against Middle Tennessee. That also is the longest active streak, and among all the streaks, the most impressive.

The current active streak for making at least four 3-pointers belongs to Iona, but that run only goes back to March 11, 2013, when in the MAAC title game, the Gaels went 3-for-9 against Manhattan. The Gaels also have the longest streak for making five bombs in a game, making at least that many in every game since going 4-for-18 in a December 8, 2013 game against Fairfield.

IPFW has made at least six 3-pointers in every game since February 4 of last season, a run of 36 consecutive games.

Akron leads the country this season in percentage of points that it gets from the 3-pointer. And they have made at least seven of them in every game this season. The last time they failed was March 12 of last season which means the Zips’ streak is at 28 games and counting.

North Florida is second in the land in percentage of points that it gets from the 3-pointer. The Osprey have made at least eight in their last 25 14 games. They had one of three games this season where a team made more 3-pointers than 2-pointers attempted.

Both Akron and Wyoming have gone ten consecutive games making at least nine 3-pointers. It’s one thing to attempt more 3’s than 2’s as a team, but over this time, Akron has nearly made more 3’s (128) than 2’s (136).

Marshall currently has the longest streak of making at least ten 3-pointers. That has lasted seven games. Wyoming has made at least 11 3’s in its last four games, a stretch where the Cowboys have devoted 62% of its field goal attempts to shots beyond the arc. Wyoming also owns or shares the current active streak for making at least 12, 13, and 14 3’s. That would be two games.

Longest active streak with at least x 3-pointers made in a game

     x  Team         Games
     2  Belmont       ???
     3  Belmont       390
     4  Iona           96
     5  Iona           89
     6  IPFW           36
     7  Akron          28
     8  North Florida  14
     9  Akron*         10
    10  Marshall        7
    11  Wyoming         4
    12  Wyoming*        2
    13  Wyoming*        2
    14  Wyoming*        2
    *tied with others