Apparently I missed the memo that there was to be some sort of blogger’s midnight madness on November 1st. Between this week’s return of Big Ten Wonk and Mid-Majority, I feel content to continue my pre-season sabbatical for a few more days. If you can’t waste eight hours a day at those two places for the rest of the week, you’re just not trying.

As for me, this is the time of the year where the blog makes the transition from being proactive to reactive. For all you people that had better things to do over the past six months than think about hoops, here’s a recap of what I learned last summer.

Much like the rotation of the earth, college b-ball is slowing down.
The job turnover of college coaches is about the same as for Supreme Court justices – at least in 2005.
Seven years ago, Gonzaga was considered a mid-major but played like a major. Now they are the opposite.
Ben Gillery was more valuable than I thought.
It’s hell playing in Pocatello.
Paul Tagliabue loves the SWAC.
Stew Morrill = Billy Beane.
By January, you will know Powe like I know Powe.
But will you know how to pronounce “Rekalin”?
PPG can be misleading when you’re the go-to guy and play nearly every single one of your team’s minutes.
All I ever cared to know about free throws in close games.
If you want to play a Big XII team, you’ll have to do it at their place.

New content is on the way, although nothing in the way of Podcasts or interviews with national correspondents. I’ll begin with a breakdown of this season’s sleepers – the teams that don’t get any votes in either pre-season poll, yet will be heard from in March. Heck, I might even include the bloggers’ poll in the mix (if it suits my purposes, of course). The coaches’ poll is out, so once the AP poll hits the street, I’ll have something to react to. And if a writer votes for Xavier, I’ll have to rewrite a major portion of the post.