There have been some features added to the site over the past 2-3 weeks and I haven’t gone out of my way to publicize them. I think most subscribers have discovered them, but for those that haven’t, I’m providing a description of the improvements here.

InstaGamePrep – Now you can click on upcoming prediction on a team’s schedule (or the game time on future FanMatch pages) and you’ll get a page with the vital stats for each team. This will allow you to more easily identify unique matchups in any game. Surprised that Northwestern went almost 25 minutes before getting its first offensive rebound against Michigan last night? Well you shouldn’t have. And while you could have determined that from clicking on each team’s page, now you can see the data side-by-side. Use it before the game, or use it at a commercial break to get up to speed on a game you’ve just tuned in to.

Ranking progression – On each team’s schedule you can now see that team’s rank before each game it played this season. So the fact that Wisconsin was ranked first in early January will forever be recorded. You can also see Pitt’s amazing slide as well. Yes, they miss Travon Woodall, but it’s hard to see him being the difference between a top 25 team and whatever the Panthers are now.

Conference SOS – This was introduced last season, but it’s been put back on the conference pages with conference play heating up. It can be a useful mid-season tool in evaluating conference records/stats. Colorado is leading the Pac-12 at this moment, but they’ve played by far the easiest schedule in the conference to this point. Which means the rest of their schedule is going to be tougher than everyone else’s.  And since they’re an average Pac-12 team to begin with, that probably means a correction is on the way.