Monthly Archives: November 2005

It’s going to happen. Last season, it was Villanova. In 2004 it was Georgia Tech. Those are extreme examples from the March Madness era, but every season a few teams overcome bland pre-preseason predictions and make the post-season party, occasionally making serious noise there. This is my attempt to discover those teams before their seasons […]

From Andy Katz via Yoni: The NCAA will begin revealing RPI data this season, beginning in January no less. This should have been done 24 years ago when the RPI was invented, but better late than never. I can’t understand why it took until now for the NCAA to do this. As long as at-large […]

In an effort to give myself some regular material to post in this space, I’m introducing a new feature. Every day for the remainder of the season, my team of advanced scouts will be scouring the nation for notable performances. The most notable (not necessarily the best) will be mentioned here. That player’s line may […]

Conference USA has always been a little quirky. First there was the name – how could this be America’s conference when Houston was the westernmost team? Then there was the original three-division setup allowing no member of the 12-team league to have to admit they were worse than fourth. CUSA is no less quirky under […]

Apparently I missed the memo that there was to be some sort of blogger’s midnight madness on November 1st. Between this week’s return of Big Ten Wonk and Mid-Majority, I feel content to continue my pre-season sabbatical for a few more days. If you can’t waste eight hours a day at those two places for […]