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(Due to a problem with TypePad, this post, originally written Thursday morning, did not appear until Thursday evening.) Before I talk about the ACC, how about ESPN doing some more WAC games? Last night, UTEP visited the Biggest Little City in the World(tm) and jumped out to an early 24 point lead on Nevada. Nevada […]

Two Big East teams with different margins for error… First, there’s West Virginia. WVU is a team that wins with quality three point shooting and great defense. The dependence on the jumper makes them a quality team prone to intermittent bouts of incompetence. That’s how they can validate a win over George Washington with a […]

There is one individual statistic that is being dominated like no other this season. Free Throws Made Diogu, Arizona State……..136 Mendez, Niagara…………..95 McGowan, Pepperdine……….94 Roberts, Mississippi State…90 Green, Oral Roberts……….88 No one goes to San Francisco Giants games to see Barry Bonds walk. And no one goes to a basketball game to see a player’s […]

What a crystallizing weekend of hoops. It’s pretty obvious that the five best teams in the nation are Illinois, UNC, Wake Forest, Kansas, and Oklahoma State in some order. I can’t believe someone from outside that group will get a #1 seed. Other random thoughts… – Those of us who thought that the Pac 10 […]

Hello, Ken Thanks for your great work. I love the efficiency stats. A stat I would like to see kept somewhere is offensive rebounding percentage (plus defensive rebounding percentage = rebounding efficiency). As I’m sure you know, OR% = OR/missed FGA. DR% = DR/opponents’ missed FGA. Michael I’m going to use Michael’s idea with a […]

But he’s close. Williams ’05 Okafor ’04 FG% 57.3 59.9 PPG 14.5 17.6 RPG 12.3 11.5 BPG 3.5 4.1 Williams has averaged one less minute per game than Okafor did, but fortunately Duke plays at a faster pace than UConn did, making this an apples-to-apples comparison in terms of possessions played per game. Okafor was […]

Texas A&M at College Station is getting ready to tip it off against Kansas in Lawrence. TAMUCS has made a name for itself on this site and elsewhere with a schedule that has been hideously pathetic. Because of this, I have been derisively adding the campus location any time I referenced the Aggies. But what […]