Monthly Archives: December 2003

Time for another installment of On the Radar. You may recall in the premier edition of OtR I tabbed Troy St. as a team to watch (except that you really can’t watch them unless you attend one of their games). The Trojans promptly fell on their face to Division II Christian Brothers University 62-61, almost […]

There are 51 unbeatens left. The last one standing will be either Georgia Tech or Pittsburgh.

Bad Stats

The college basketball box score is a very misleading thing sometimes. Take rebounds for example. Just because one team has more rebounds than its opponent does not mean it is doing a better job rebounding. When Team A misses a shot, Team B is more likely to rebound it, and vice versa. So total rebounds […]

Bucknell, the same team that made 1 out of 17 free throws in their opener against Michigan St., made 9 out of 9 tonight against Northwestern. They’ve made 72% in their three games since the disaster. However, they haven’t won yet.

This is my new feature “On the Radar” where I profile a good team that the cool people aren’t talking about. I guess it should really be “Under the Radar” then, but I’m not going to change. Today’s team is Troy St. who has a respectable loss to LSU and wins over San Diego St. […]

We all know Kansas will be #1 when the new poll is released. I am curious about how the #1 votes will be distributed. Based only on what’s happened this season, Georgia Tech deserves some consideration. However seeing as how they got exactly zero votes in the previous poll, I doubt any sportwriter is going […]