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I’ve produced a few graphs in my day and it’s always comforting when the lines are smooth, like the plot of playing time vs. minutes left in the game:

We’ve looked at how coaches define foul trouble and got an idea of how each active coach deviates from the norm. Now it’s time to find out how players define trouble. I’m going forward under the assumption that a player’s effectiveness is more impacted on the defensive end when he has foul trouble. With that as […]

Let’s take inventory on how every coach in college hoops handles foul trouble. To make this as simple as possible, for each head coach I’m going to determine how often a starter with two fouls is on the floor in the first half. As shown in the previous post in this series, there’s a lot […]

In order to have a mature discussion about foul trouble, we need to know what foul trouble is. I could define it myself, but there are really only two groups of people who should be making this determination: coaches and players. These two entities are not completely independent. If a coach treats a player like […]

This is the part of year where I have the time to laboriously explore a single topic at my own pace and you have the time to read about it. Welcome to the 2016 Summer Series. This off-season I will be digging into the issue of foul trouble. Many smart people (mostly non-coaches) believe that benching a […]