Monthly Archives: November 2004

Anyone who followed my blog last year knows that I became obsessed with two teams, Georgia Tech and Air Force. You see, I am a college basketball refugee. The schools I attended, Wyoming and Virginia Tech, rarely receive bubble status by February. This year is no different – Wyoming barely beat the Colorado School of […]

The biggest news from the weekend was that UCLA senior point guard Cedric Bozeman blew out his knee and is lost for the year. It’s bad news for coach Ben Howland because he had brought in freshman Jordan Farmer to be an understudy to Bozeman this year, then taking over the reigns as a sophomore […]

I know it’s November 3rd, and I know that Northern Kentucky regularly churns out one of the best D2 teams in the country, but can’t we read something into the fact that NKU made it close against #9 Kentucky for 27 minutes tonight? It’s ridiculous to read anything into an exhibition game, but it’s not […]

It’s time to look at the adjusted RPI. I don’t like bashing Joe Lunardi, because he’s the closest thing we have to a stats guy in the mainstream media, even though he’s very far away from where we should be. And actually this won’t be “bashing”. Please consider it a thoughtful critique. After all, I […]

Exhibition season started tonight with seven D1 teams hitting the floor, the most notable of which were New Mexico, Louisiana Tech, and Santa Clara.

The justification for adding a road-win bonus to the RPI is based on the premise that the home team wins 70% of college basketball games. This has been cited in nearly every article on the new RPI, and usually as a direct quote from basketball committee chairman Bob Bowlsby. This is a classic case of […]